air conditioning system

air conditioning system

 Maintenance and repair of the air conditioning system

Since 2006, we have repaired air conditioners on all types of cars, buses, trucks and household appliances. We have a wealth of experience in inspecting, maintaining, diagnosing, and troubleshooting related equipment. Our own equipment is also regularly maintained and inspected by specialists.

R134A It takes up to an hour to provide the service, gas is included, cost of the service starts at 60€ in a car includes refueling up to 800g, in large systems over 800g there is an additional charge of +10€ for every 150g

R1234YF It takes up to an hour to provide the service, gas is included, cost of the service starts at 100€ in a car includes refueling up to 500g, in large systems over 500g there is an additional charge of +20€ for every 100g

Because the system is only functionable when it contains gas, then the maintenance procedure always starts with the complete maintenance of the system.

Tips from our experts

  • We recommend that the air conditioner be fully serviced every two years. During maintenance, everything in the system is sucked out, any moisture that may be present and airborne particles as well, are sucked out due to a possible vacuum. Moisture starts to corrode the aluminium system from the inside, so the same test checks how tight the system is and whether any air leaks out of the system. New compressor oil is then added to the system, and an ultraviolet dye is added to help detect leaks in the future. The system under vacuum is filled with the correct amount of gas as indicated by the car manufacturer. The operation of all air conditioner units is then checked. In the event of a leak or malfunction, the cost of remedying the malfunction shall be calculated and reported to the customer, in which case the customer shall pay only for the inspection.
  • In wintery conditions, we recommend that you leave the air conditioner on, like all other car systems, it will corrode and oxidize if not used.
  • Working air conditioner makes breathing in the car easier and more comfortable, while preventing windows from fogging.
  • We recommend that you change the cabin filter in good time, see the Car Maintenance chapter for more information.
  • We recommend that you do not lower the temperature inside the car to the lowest level when it is very hot outside, as you may get a heat stroke or get sick as a result.
  • We recommend that you keep the car windows closed while the air conditioner is in operation, as in automatic mode it starts to blow cold air in the cabin - so you may get sick in the drafty air.
  • We recommend that you do not apply cold air directly to your body, it is smart to cool the car and not yourself.

What we recommend to not do

It is strictly forbidden to add gas to the system without proper maintenance, as certain amount of gas must always be present in the system. However, the amount of gas in the system can only be determined by removing the gas present in the system to be weighed using a specially calibrated weighing device.

Pressing on the valve-fill valve may damage it, in which case all gas in the system will escape and the system gas will be pressurized. Some curious customers may want to check for gas in the system by pressing the gas fill valve. With some pressure there, you should not doubt that the system is under pressure because the gas is under high pressure in its compressed state.

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