Clutch replacement

Clutch replacement

Clutch replacement

Clutch service life is dependent on how the owner of the vehicle uses it.

We replace the clutch, dual-mass flywheels, oils and filter in both manual and automatic gearboxes. We replace and repair manual gearboxes.

The need for replacing a clutch is first and foremost indicated by:

  • Difficulty changing gears;
  • Characteristic smell of burnt clutch;
  • Dual-mass flywheel rattling in the gearbox (especially when the engine is cold);
  • Sliding clutch;
  • Hydraulic leakage from the bearing.

The entire clutch kit must surely be replaced (clutch disc, clutch basket, clutch shaft bearing).

  • When replacing the clutch, we recommend also replacing the crankshaft oil seal situated behind the flywheel to avoid future extra costs;
  • Gearbox oil.

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