Tire change

Tire change

Tire change

In our garage, you can get your tires changed in a quick and convenient way for all modern machines with tires being of all different sizes. At the same time, we will offer you a delicious coffee.

We service and calibrate our equipment before the start of the tire changing season.

As a gift from us, we offer you a free suspension inspection (the number of parts to be checked depends on the time it takes to change Your tires), for which we dedicate an hour.

Metal rims till 17” - 40

Alloy rims till 17” - 50

18” - 55

19” - 60

20” and bigger – 70

SUVs and minibuses from 60

RunFlat tires and rims that do not have a hole in the centre of the wheel will be changed for an additional cost  per wheel of + 2,5€

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