3D Suspension adjustment

3D Suspension adjustment

We adjust the wheels of almost all different models of every brand, we use HOFMANN professional 3D stand for performing the adjustments. Every six months the equipment itself is checked and calibrated. It is worth remembering that it is not only important that the stand would be properly configurated and calibrated, the lifting device must also be laser-calibrated into the right position.

On average, we adjust the suspensions of 2-6 cars every day.

It takes up to an hour to perform the service, the cost of front and rear axle adjustment is 60€.

  • First, the chassis of the vehicle is checked (tires control arm bushings, control arm pivots, inner and outer steering ends, steering column, springs, shock absorbers, wheel play), as the chassis must be in a good state, that it would be possible to properly adjust other components of the suspension. In the event of malfunctions, we make necessary price calculations and make an offer to the car owner for further repairs. In this case, the client will not pay for any suspension adjustments, but will pay for the inspection of the suspension.
  • Next, tire pressures are checked.
  • Measurements and adjustments on vehicles with adjusted rear axles. On cars with adjustable rear axles, we start by adjusting the rear axle of the car, because a car cannot drive straight when the rear wheels are moving in different directions.

We advise You to adjust car axles once or twice a year in normal use.

First signs indicating the need for car axles to be adjusted

  • Steering wheel is straight but the car is moving sideways, or the car is moving straight and the steering wheel is not straight.
  • Tire is visibly sideways worn.
  • Repairs, which may affect the position of the axle, have been performed.
  • Car drove through a very large hole or hit the edge of a sidewalk.
  • Wheels have several times larger size.

Why is it necessary to adjust car axles at all?

  • Wheels with correctly adjusted parameters allow the car to drive straight and to be better controlled.
  • Fuel consumption is reduced.
  • Tire wear is decreased.

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