Invite a top carspecialist

Invite a top specialist with 20 years of experience in the automotive field who can help you. Cal...

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Purchase of used cars

Ostame Teie auto kiirelt  Tule autoga meie juurde või kutsu meie hindaja kohale. Hindamine o...

Car rental

Replacement Car - THAT YOUR LIFE WILL NOT STOP A rental car allows you to get out of an awkward s...

Extra equipment and salon repairs

Extra equipment and salon repairs We repair and replace door locks; We repair and replace el...

Tire change

Tire change In our garage, you can get your tires changed in a quick and convenient way for all m...

Yearly maintenance

Yearly maintenance We determine individually for each vehicle the maintenance work scheduled for...

Chassis inspection 51points

Chassis inspection Chassis is a highly important part of the vehicle, timely repair of the suspen...

3D Suspension adjustment

We adjust the wheels of almost all different models of every brand, we use HOFMANN professi...

air conditioning system

 Maintenance and repair of the air conditioning system Since 2006, we have repaired air cond...

Car pre-purchase inspection 60 points

Car pre-purchase inspection Cost of the service is 60€ and it takes +- hour. Checking body rep...

Car pre-sale preparation

Car pre-sale preparation Cost of the service is 60€ and it takes up to an hour. We encourage a...


Diagnostics Professional diagnostics ensure that subsequent repairs are performed correctly! Inco...

Timing belt change

Timing belt change Changing the timing belt is necessary for the crankshaft and camshaft to rotat...

DPF / Chip tuning

DPF filter DPF filter maintenance extending service life of the catalyst and the DPF filter...

Exhaust system repair

Exhaust system repair It is quite unpleasant when the muffler starts to disintegrate and create a...

Clutch replacement

Clutch replacement Clutch service life is dependent on how the owner of the vehicle uses it. W...

Turbo repairs and troubleshooting

Turbo repairs and troubleshooting We work with factories which repair and restore turbos. Our...

Engine repairs

Engine repairs We perform both partial engine repairs and major engine repairs of any complexity....

Manual gearboxes repair

We rebuild and repair manual gearboxes. Call us, our specialists are more than happy to assist You....


Värvimis ja Keretööd


The experience

We work with more than 1000 cars a year (since 2004).


We provide guarantee from 6 months to 3 years on all our works and spare parts.


You can gain from the team of the best professionals.

About us

We repair all car makes of car.

We have got all necessary and the most up-to-date equipment and tools for car repair, wheel balancing, tyre fitting, filling up of air conditioners and diagnostics. The entire equipment is serviced and calibrated by the specialists on a regular basis.

We represent the internationally acknowledged AutoAsi” brand.

We have a free parking.

We locate in a very convenient place, next to Kristiine shopping centre, where you can have a good time while your car is maintained at our shop.

We have a comfortable waiting room.

Call us or sent an enquiry and our foreman will contact you a.s.a.p.

Spare parts


We use only quality and tested spare parts from major suppliers in the industry.

We provide guarantee from 6 months to 3 years on all spare parts purchased and mounted at our shop.

For regular customers

15 minutes per month of free work:

  • replacing wipers
  • filling up fluids
  • replacing light bulbs
  • repair the one tire
If you bring a new client to the service, then you get a 50% discount on any of the services (within 2 months).

       Submit your inquiry now and get a good quote!